Who are we?

We are a small startup with big aspirations.

Our goal?

We want to make games: The well-made, fun-to-play, multiplayer kind - which isn't easy. We'd also like to throw in a few educational games.

Starting our little company was the first step towards realising our dream.

Whatever we make, we want to do it with a clear conscience. No trickery that provides little value yet costs a lot. No unnecessary time sinks. No forcing players to spend money so they can get a decent game experience.

Our background?

Our lead, and currently only developer has twenty seven years of experience designing and writing commercial software systems, whether it be backend services, web applications, mobile applications or anything inbetween.

Oh, did we mention that our developer also has a family and a full time job in the software industry?

It's ok. This is a labour of love. We look forward to the destination and the journey.

-The Meerkatech Team